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Agricultural production

At the moment "Tera Treid" Sltd cultivates 900 HA own, rented and leased land in Silistra Region.

Company does investments in technology, equipment and machines. The machine park for cultivation and growing of the crops and land management is improved and expanded yearly. Some of the machines which we have are:

  • CLASS Harvest machines
  • JOHN DEERE and LANDINI tractors
  • HORSH and MATERMACK sowing machines
  • JCB wheel loaders and many others

Company's total own storage area capacity is 15 000 MT. Warehouses are located in Silistra Region.

Main agricultural crops which we cultivate are:
- Wheat
- Sunflower seeds 
- Rapeseed
- Corn
- Barley

At the farm we have and fruit garden with dark blue plums. At the moment Its size is 12 HA.

Agricultural production trading

The company deals with trading mainly with the following products:

  • Wheat
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Rape seed
  • Corn
  • Barley

Last year’s numbers show significantly increasing of our trading volume.

Тrade turnover:

  • 2016 - 29 000 МТ
  • 2017 - 40 000 МТ
  • 2018 - about 50 000 МТ


“Tera Treid” Sltd has a laboratory, in which is checked the quality of the production which comes in and out from our warehouses. We do control over the quality of the goods of our trade partners also.


“Tera Treid” Sltd has own truck fleet. The close proximity of our warehouse facilities to the sea ports and Danube river ports is another competitive advantage, reducing transportation time and costs.

About us

“Tera Treid” Sltd is established in 2007. The main activities of the company are production and trading of agricultural products, fertilizers and seeds.


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