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Wheat is the basic bread plant of the world used for production of bread. The bread, pasta, crackers and cakes are just the beginning of the list of foods produced from wheat. Wheat is the main source of vegetable protein in food in humans due to higher content of proteins compare with corn, rice and similar crops.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are cultivated for the seeds, which are used for the most used vegetable oil in Bulgaria. Sunflower oil has high nutrition value and good taste qualities. In its composition are mainly unsaturated fatty acids as linoleic, oleic.

Rape seed

Still known as canola is plant with bright yellow blossoms, which is cultivated in the whole world. Its main usage is for feed, production of rape seed oil, biodiesel and etc.


It’s important agricultural crop, which is used for grain, feed and green feed. Corn is a good source of vitamins B1 and B9; Rich source of phosphorus and magnesium.


Barley is important feed and technical crop. Grain and straw are used for animal feed , and in some countries grain is used for production of beer and different  processed products.


Fruits ripen end of summer, beginning of autumn (August – September). Fruits are dark blue elongated with spherical shape. They can be consumed fresh, dried and also processed as jams, juices and etc.

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“Tera Treid” Sltd is established in 2007. The main activities of the company are production and trading of agricultural products, fertilizers and seeds.


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